Environmental management via public education

Environmental management via public education

Key to the outcomes of the TABI initiative is improved knowledge of the importance of agro-biodiversity in government and partner organisations, and in communities. To assist in 'selling the agro-biodiversity message' TABI uses the mass media to disseminate key messages to a wider audience, including radio, television, public meetings and dissemination campaigns, posters, video sessions for villagers etc.

A current focus is on a campaign to increase awareness of the danger of pesticide, public education of improved pesticide use and control of pesticide sales. 


Expected Impacts on Agro-Biodiversity, Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction:

  • Using mass media methods can provide for wider dissemination of the agro-biodiversity message
  • Reaching a larger audience regarding the use of some harmful pesticides will reduce the impacts these chemicals can have on biodiversity
  • Wide dissemination of information on improved agricultural practices can improve villagers livelihoods
  • Reduced pesticide use can lead to increased access to the higher value organic vegetable market, and improve health outcomes for villagers.


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