Overview of Subprojects

Overview of Subprojects

TABI supports a wide range of subprojects to demonstrate and test methods of agro-biodiversity and agro-ecosystem approaches to livelihoods, income generation and natural resource management. These subprojects are mainly managed by Government of Laos Provincial and District staff - but are open to any interested and capable stakeholders - and generally involve small grants for village initiatives under a number of key themes.


Phase 1 (May 2009 - June 2012)

During Phase 1, TABI supported 50 subprojects in three provinces. Many of these subprojects were presented at an agro-biodiversity forum held in Xieng Khouang in February 2012 (presentations available here). For a full list of Phase 1 subprojects and links to subproject factsheets download the Phase 1 Subprojects List.


Phase 2 - Current Phase (July 2012 - June 2016)

Phase 2 subprojects are currently underway. The budget provided to these Phase 2 subprojects so far is USD $228,770. For summarised information download the list of current Phase 2 (July 2012 - June 2016) subprojects and the Phase 2 Subproject Snapshot document.


For more detail on the TABI subprojects for Phase 2, follow the subproject theme links below: 

Indigenous rice varieties



Renewable energy, technologies

Organic vegetables, fruits,

crops, and systems


NTFPs, local herbal medicine


Indigenous livestock

Aquatic resources

Environmental management

via public education


Land development and management

Insect (bee) raising