Currently, subprojects under this theme are focussing on the participatory control of forest fires.

Uncontrolled forest fires can be a major problem in the upland areas, escaping into existing forestland, suppressing fallow regeneration and impacting on rural livelihoods. There are even some villager deaths caused by uncontrolled fires each year. Burning is a traditional part of swidden systems, however more effective management of agricultural systems that incorporate fire, as well as better preventative and control methods can lead to improved outcomes for villagers, and reduce negative environmental impacts. To address fire management issues, TABI and the Government of Laos work in a number of villages to promote improved management and control of planned fires that are part of swidden agricultural systems.

Expected Impacts of the Subprojects:

On Agro-Biodiversity

  • Containing fires to cultivated areas ensures that fires do not escape into nearby natural forest areas
  • Reduced impacts on regenerating forest and soils - soil erosion can increase with increased numbers of forest fires
  • Regenerating fallow forests can contain very high biodiversity – ensuring these areas are not repeatedly burned assists with the conservation of natural agro-biodiversity resources.

 On Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction

  • Controlling fires is important for safety – uncontrolled fallow fires have led to injuries and even deaths in the past
  • The coordination of burning and development of a forest control line ensures only the areas to be cultivated are burned
  • Reduced destruction of other crops and areas used for the collection of NTFPs.


For more information on individual subprojects see the table below, or download the most recent project profile PDF document at the download link below.



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Current Subprojects

Project name



 Number of villages  

 Number of households  


Forest fire control community protection (#42)


Luang Prabang




Village forest recovery and forest fire control (#26)


Xieng Khouang









Download the Forests and Fire Subproject PDF document for more information. Note: this document contains project profiles for completed projects, and may not include some projects that have recently commenced. If you require further information not provided in this document please email the relevant project contact.