Outcome 3 Knowledge Management, Planning and Support Tools

Outcome 3 Knowledge Management, Planning and Support Tools

Outcome 3: Integrated spatial planning and ABD knowledge management and exchange tools support evidence based decision making. 

TABI produces high-quality communication products for broad outreach including the TABI newsletter (TABI-Update), field videos, mass media coverage, and exhibitions. In addition, TABI also supports a range of mapping and spatial planning tools, and case study mappers for shifting cultivation and NTFPs. Working with its partners, TABI will continue to develop, maintain, and advocate the use of these resources to support evidence based decision making. The key outputs under outcome three are:

  1. Livelihood, ABD and Agro-ecosystem baselines and surveys are completed, secondary data accessed and selected studies undertaken. 
  2. Integrated spatial analysis is conducted and contributing to enhanced spatial planning and greater knowledge of multifunctional upland landscapes.
  3. TABI-generated results, spatial products and lessons learned are systematically collated and disseminated in widely accessible media formats and forums.
  4. Knowledge sharing and learning networks established to foster discussion and collaboration about ABD among diverse stakeholders.





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