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TABI Agro-Biodiversity Forum - Xieng Kouang February 2012

TABI organised an Agro-biodiversity Forum on the 21st and 22nd of February 2012 in Xieng Khouang.

The Forum brought together more than 80 representatives from the national level, the two TABI provinces Luang Prabang and Xieng Khouang, and from other interested projects.  It was officially opened by Mr. Khamsy Chantavongsy, Deputy Head of PAFO

The Forum provided an important platform for all TABI partners to exchange experience of and learn from over 30 Sub-Projects of TABI as well as to discuss how TABI can effectively communicate insights to its target audience. This multi-stakeholder Forum helped to enhance the knowledge on how agrobiodiversity conservation can contribute to improve people’s livelihoods

All the documents and presentations from the Sub-Projects can be download below, please click on the links


Presentation Theme/Title


Presentation Theme/Title


Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP) Sector

 Link   Forest Sector  Link

1. Promotion of ethnic medicinal knowledge, sustainable ABD management - XKH

 ລາວ    English   17.   Intercropping, relycropping and SCV to increase yield of short rotation upland rice/field - LP ລາວ     English

2.  Promotion of orchids domestication: management, plantation and marketing - XKH

 ລາວ    English   Aquatic Sector  

3.  Promotion of rattan for consumption (shoot) and income generation - XKH

 ລາວ     English   18.   Promotion of production and marketing of crispy river weed - LP  ລາວ     English

4.  Promotion of domestication of “Pom” medicinal plants in Kheung Zone - XKH

 ລາວ    English   19.   Initiating crispy river weed processing and marketing - XK ລາວ     English

5.  Paper umbrella production development - XKH

ລາວ     English  

20.   Fish breeding reserve (2 projects) and freshwater shrimp management - LP


6.  Promotion of bamboo shoots, forest: management, processing/packaging and marketing - XKH

 ລາວ    English    Insects Sector  

7. Conservation and promotion of indigenous medicinal plants (NTFPs) and medicine - LPB

ລາວ     English   21.   Domesticated Apis Cerana bee keeping – HP ລາວ     English
Rice and Crop Sectors     22.   Promotion of bee raising in logs (Maeng Dun) - XK ລາວ     English

8.  Conservation and utilisation of local rice varieties (BUCAP) - LP

ລາວ     English  

23.   Improved management of natural bees and promotion to villagers for bee keeping - LP

ລາວ     English

9.   Khao kai noi: organic production and marketing (Phase 1 & 2) - XK

ລາວ     English    Livestock and Energy Sectors  

10.   Khao kai noi: cultivar and seed development – XH and LP and Upland rice seed quality improvement – LP

 ລາວ     English  

24.   Native pig and chicken production and marketing extension - LP

 ລາວ     English

11.   Development and promotion of organic vegetable production - LP

 ລາວ     English  

25.   Promotion of native and black chicken production extension - XK 

ລາວ     English

 Agro-Forestry Sector


26.   Biogas facilities development - XK

ລາວ     English

12.   Phousan Tea development - XK

ລາວ     English    Media and Tourism Sectors  

13.   Conservation of wild tea and plantation promotion - LP

 ລາວ     English  

27.   Dev. and broadcasting of ABD info by Khoun Radio - XK

ລາວ     English
14.   Phonexay NTFP-Agro-forestry promotion - LP ລາວ     English  

28.   Phoukoud/Dongsout/Donglom Nature and historical park – XK 

ລາວ     English

 Land Use Sector

     Education Sector  

15.   Intercropping, relycropping and SCV to increase yield of short rotation upland rice/field - LP

ລາວ     English  

29.   Student ABD awareness raising and local ABD curricula development - LP 

ລາວ    English

16.   Regenerating fallow by Macaranga denticulate - LP

ລາວ     English  

30.   Student ABD awareness raising and local ABD curricula development - XK  

ລາວ     English