Knowledge Base Overview

Knowledge Base Overview

TABI provides a comprehensive knowledge base for use by stakeholders and other organizations that incorporate consideration of agro-biodiversity into their work. This knowledge base includes data collected, analyzed and summarized from baseline surveys and through the implementation of subprojects, as well as providing a number of tools for use by practitioners. These tools include the NTFP Mapper, Shifting Cultivation Mapper, and the Agri-Geo Network, as well as an agro-biodiversity database and a non-timber forest product wiki. Use the links below to access these resources and learn more about how to use them.

NTFP Mapper

Shifting Cultivation Mapper

  NTFP Wiki 

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Baseline Data

Attaining evidence is a focus in cases were adequate secondary data may not be available. Hard data/facts that are gathered in the field via baseline studies including:

  • NTFPs, wood, aquatic and wildlife baselines (from 125 villages to date)
  • household level income, livestock and land holding (46 villages to date)
  • fisheries catch baselines
  • mushrooms species and harvest baselines
  • 'little chicken rice' baselines from 450 villages in Houaphan and  Xieng Khouang Provinces.